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Seed Testing Laboratory

TORSEED Company pride itself on the Accredited Seed Testing Laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge tools that meet international requirements and standards. The professional and experienced laboratory personnel assure the highest quality of the sowing material which is marketed under the brand name TORSEED.


Research, measurement and experiments performed by the laboratory:

– humidity -purity

– elimination of unwanted seeds, removal of organic and mineral contaminants and pests.

– -validation of germination rate.


Both seed stock sampled and samples of the varieties stored in the company's warehouse are subjected to experiments.


Samples, which are collected by the accredited sampler, are examined in accordance to the International Seed Testing Association regulations. In order to obtain the Seed Testing Certificate, all seeds must meet applicable standards.


Our laboratory cooperates strictly with the Plant Reproduction and Breeding Department and the Seed Trading Department.

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