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Department of Plant Breeding

Located in Toruń companies have been producing flower and vegetable seeds since before World War II. The first seed company located in Toruń, which was also well known abroad, was „Hozakowski” Company. In 1946 a branch of the Polish Seed Producers Cooperative Society was established and has continued these traditions. A few years later the Society was transformed into C.N.O.S and then P.N.O.S. In the 1970s and 1980s Toruń became an important center of creative and conservative breeding of many vegetables and ornamental plants. Nowadays these traditions are being continued by TORSEED S.A. whose actions are focused on creative and conservative production of vegetables. The registration of 14 varieties in 2001 was the first result of our efforts. Over the next few years the company registered much more varieties.


Company's actions are focused on production of highest-quality seeds. Moreover, we are working on new, improved and original varieties to meet our customers' expectations. Every production procedure is strictly controlled and inspected by the staff of the Department of Plant Breeding. We pay close attention to the quality and  varietal identity of basic seed which is then used for breeding on our plantations. In the interest of the highest quality of our seeds, we evaluate phenotypical traits of each particular variety . Varieties, which are cultivated on the plantations, are well separated from each other which prevents seeds contamination. Plants are strictly controlled at every stage of their growth – from flowering till seed maturation. Most of our plantations are established in the Kujawy region which is characterized by very fertile soils. Moreover, all our producers have a long-standing experience in seed production.

TORSEED – Przedsiębiorstwo Nasiennictwa Ogrodniczego i Szkółkarstwa S.A. w Toruniu EN