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Company history

Garden Seed and Nursery Stock Company TORSEED S.A. is one of the leaders in the seed industry in Poland.


Located in Toruń companies have been producing flower and vegetable seeds since before World War II. The first seed company located in Toruń, which was also well known abroad, was „Hozakowski” Company. Soon after the war a branch of the Polish Seed Producers Cooperative Society was created in Toruń. In the 1950s National Seed and Nursery Stock Company in Toruń (C.N.O.S) emerged. In the 1980s C.N.O.S was transformed into Garden Seed and Nursery Stock Company in Toruń. In 1996 Garden Seed and Stock Nursery Company TORSEED was founded and then privatized and transformed into a stock-offering company.


The shares of the company belong to its employees and, to a smaller extent, to the company's pensioners, plantators and distributors, mainly from kujawsko-pomorskie voivodeship.


Currently our offer contains several dozens species and several hundreds varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs. The offer involves also varieties which have been created by the company's fast-growing Breeding Department.


Main areas of activity of the company:


- creative and conservative breeding of vegetables

- foundation of breeding plantations

- purchase of garden seeds from farmers

- cleaning, drying and processing seeds, conducting analysis and quality control tests of seeds

- wholesale and retail trade of vegetable seeds, herb seeds and flower seeds, fruit and ornamental nursery stock, crop protection products, fertilizers and other gardening assortment in numerous company's garden centres and wholesale stores, which are located in all regions of Poland.

- designing, arranging and tending gardens.


TORSEED S.A. was praised with many awards at domestic and international trade fairs like Polagra, Horti-Expo (Golden Hortus Award) and PRO-HORTI (Golden Medal). The company was also recognized for a vast choice and the highest quality of flower seeds. Our company is also a member of Business Centre Club which is the biggest private employer organization in Poland. For our achievements, we were many times awarded the European Medal. Moreover, TORSEED S.A. actively cooperates with Polish Seed Trade Association.


We are sure that you will enjoy working with us. We are always happy to share our experience with others and stay open to your suggestions and propositions.



Achievements and awards

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Polagra 1997 Polagra 1998 Polagra 2000

Horti_Expo 2002


Polagra 2003 Polagra 2006



TORSEED – Przedsiębiorstwo Nasiennictwa Ogrodniczego i Szkółkarstwa S.A. w Toruniu EN